Saturday, October 1, 2011

Networking at Intel

In some ways, I think I've done more networking while on my internship than during my entire first year.  It's been incredible being plugged into the LGO network within Intel.  As soon as internship started, we (me and the 2 other 2012 LGO interns) were encouraged to reach out to as many LGO alums as possible to learn more about their respective Intel roles and experiences and their individual career paths since graduating from the program.  I've learned far more than I thought I would have because of the accessibility to so many alums.  In some cases, some of them have provided additional contacts who have helped me with my project and others have connected me with strong leaders at the company who have shared very interesting career and life perspectives.  I've been really impressed with how receptive everyone has been to my 1:1 requests and how open they have been to telling their stories and addressing any questions I've had.  As I've started thinking more and more about recruiting and exploring what options I may have after graduation, the responsiveness of the LGO alum community in the Silicon Valley has far exceeded my expectations as well. 

Another great network the LGO interns have been plugged into is the Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP), which is a two-year rotational MBA program.  This past year was the first time the LGO interns were integrated with the summer MBA ALP interns.  Through the ALP network, we've had the opportunity to talk to several members from previous classes and to learn about the different rotations and experiences they've had at Intel. 

Between the LGO alum network, the ALP network, and the people I've worked with for my project, I've had a great introduction to Intel and look forward to the remainder of my time here for internship and any future connections I may have with the company. 

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  1. BEST BLOG EVA. Thanks for the info Annie you are the best-est-ever.