Monday, June 20, 2011

Rounding Out 1st Year

I have officially (well, as of last month) survived my 1st year of LGO!  I wanted to post about my internship but before I wrote about that, I wanted to share about my experience in one particular class I took this past Spring semester.  

Thermal packaging system on right

For our ESD.941 Operations Lab course, we worked on a logistics project for Cold Chain Technologies, a thermal packaging company located in Holliston, MA.  More specifically, we looked into whether or not refurbishment would be viable for one of their passive refrigeration systems.  After our team had several discussions with Cold Chain's Larry Gordon, President, and Bob Bohne, VP and GM, and a few others in operations and sales, we gathered the data they had shared and came up with a pricing model, logistics model, and process flow for them.   The project ended up being really interesting.  I enjoyed working with the second years on my team and learning more about logistics and how to build an optimization model based on the inputs.  I would say overall, the project was a success--the scope was manageable, the people we worked with were very responsive, and our final recommendations were well received.  Below is the LGO Cold Chain team with the President and VP of Cold Chain.
Left to right: Mike Donahue (LGO '11), Me, Steve Wessels (LGO'11), Kacey Fetcho-Phillips (LGO '11),
Bob Bohne (VP, GM), Larry Gordon (President)

I am now living out in Mountain View, CA and commuting to Santa Clara for my internship with Intel.  My experience so far has been great.  My manager, an LGO 93' alum, and my supervisor have been very supportive in teaching me as much about the group and company as possible, and working with me to determine what project I will be working on over the next six months.  I've felt a lot of support beyond my group as well.  There are several LGO alums at Intel who have been very resourceful and have helped immensely with the transition.  

It feels wonderful to be back in California.  Outside of work, I've gotten the chance to reconnect with old high school and college friends, and spend more time with Sloanies who I didn't get to spend as much time with throughout the busy school year.  Should be a great summer out here and 6 months with Intel.  :)